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FAQ about HDMI cable

Q: What's the adavantage of your HDMI cable over your competitors'?

A: Quality and cost. We provide quality HDMI calbes at affordable cost to create perceived value and satisfaction for our customers.

Q: Why can you make HDMI cable at lower cost?

A: We boast our patented HDMI connecter and assembling technique which promote the production efficiency as 2~3 times higher as the traditional methods. 

Q: Why the connecter contacts should be always gold-plated?

A: Gold is the excellent material to resist the corrosion and keep low contact resistance, so gold-plating is always the first choice of the HDMI connector contacts. Sometimes, Nickel-plating is used on the ground shell on the HDMI connecters of entry level as shown in our Basic series, Nickel is good solution for corrosion-resistance. Anyway, gold-plating is the best solution for both contacts and ground shell. 

Q: What is the difference between a Standard HDMI cable and a so-called High-Speed HDMI cable?

A:  The latest version of HDMI specificaitons is 1.3a, which was published on Nov. 10, 2006.  In this version, HDMI cables fall into two categories: Category 1 and Category 2.

HDMI Cat-1 cable,  i.e. Standard HDMI cable supports TMDS clockfrequencies up to 74.25MHz(2.22 Gbps), which is the equivalent of a 1080i signal.

HDMI Cat-2 cable, i.e. High-Speed HDMI cable supports TMDS clock frequencies up to 340MHz(10.2 Gbps),  which is the highest bandwidth currently available, and equivalent to a 1080p resolution.

Obviously any HDMI Cat-2 cable is back-compatible with Cat-1 specifications.

Q:  Which models of your HDMI calbe are Standard and which High-Speed HDMI cables?

A:  All the models issued in our web are 1080p High-Speed HDMI cables.

As describled above, HDMI Cat-1 is a quite old specification which was published before 2006, we have upgraded our cable, connector  and assembling technique to accord with the latest Cat-2 specifications.

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