With our many years of experience in the design and manufacture of cables, connectors, and injection molds, Sinotek is a professional manufacturer dedicated to providing the original designs and manufacturing of the most reliable and affordable power/sync cables and accessories to the market.






Established in 2000, Sinotek has devoted itself to the cable and injection molding business constantly striving to improve our manufacturing processes. Located in Shenzhen, our factory is over 6000 square meters with more than three hundreds of skilled workers. Based on our ISO9001 and ISO 14001 certified quality system, our factory provides reliable and consistent R&D and manufacturing services for our customers around the world.

Since the establishment of HDMI specifications, we have worked on this cutting edge technology and have accumulated a profound understanding of HDMI connectors and cables. With the new innovations in consumer electronics, this advanced multimedia interface has become a key component in many of these new products, and HDMI still has plenty of room for growth and improvement. With patents on some of the most reliable and innovative cable manufacturing techniques, we have the unique ability of providing the most reliable HDMI cables at the most competitive costs.



Mold/Tooling Workshop                                        Cable Extruding Workshop



Cable Assembling Workshop                                 Electronic Product Assembling Workshop

Why us?

  • More than ten years of experience in cable and power industry
  • More stable mated impedance than soldered connector
  • Professional R&D capability in new cable technologies
  • Low attenuation for more reliable signal transmission
  • Agile and professional mold designs
  • Patented connector and assembly fixtures to ensure 2~3 times higher mass production efficiency than competitors
  • Most competitive price in the cable industry
  • Free plug overmolding tool for orders of 3000 pieces or more
  • Wide range of product lines